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Matt Yoga 8 mm


مت يوگا را تشک يوگا و يا زير انداز يوگا نيز مي نامند, زير اندازي سبک و بهداشتي جهت استفاده در ورزش يوگا مي باشد.در ورزش يوگا بدن به طور مستقيم با سطح زمين تماس دارد که اين امر از نظر بهداشتي مشکلاتي را به وجود مي آورد و نيز ممکن است باعث آسيب ديدن بعضي از قسمت هاي بدن مانند زانو، کف دست و ... گردد.


Mat yoga is also called a yoga mat or a yoga mat, which is a lightweight, hygienic underwear for use in yoga exercise. In yoga exercise, the body is directly in contact with the surface of the ground, which causes health problems. It can also cause damage to some parts of the body such as the knee, palm, and so on.

The underwear is the perfect tool for doing yoga, pilates and aerobic exercises on the ground, giving you a feeling of relaxation while exercising, and since these exercises should be performed on the ground and may be the type of movement that The athlete will have to sit on the floor or lie down. The yoga mat introduced in this section is lightweight, soft, non-toxic, anti-slip and durable, providing conditions for you to feel more satisfied while exercising.