Tatami flooring types

Tatami flooring types

Tatami flooring types

These days you can buy tatami flooring from online stores, manufacturers and decoration stores. But when you go shopping for tatami do you really know what these floors are and what they have? Your answer is probably "No". In this post we will introduce you to all kinds of tatami flooring and buy the best and most suitable tatami.


Tatami flooring with home use

Tatami flooring is made of soft, flexible foam called eva, which has a ribbed surface. They act like a home flooring (carpet and carpet) except they are a little softer and safer.

These tatami are manufactured in thicknesses of 10 to 50 mm which high thickness means increased protection of flooring. The choice of thickness depends entirely on yourself and the environment. For example, if you want these tattoos for your baby's room, the same thickness of 10mm is enough.

Home tatami flooring is mainly available in 5 main colors: green, yellow, red, blue and orange. People are familiar with this type of tatami flooring because its uses are very general. Some flooring applications such as:

 Basement Flooring, Bathroom Flooring, Child & Elderly Flooring, Kitchen Flooring, Indoor Sports Flooring & ...

Tatami Sports Flooring

Due to the severe injuries of the athletes during training, they should somehow be prevented from attacks and strikes. The best way is to use sports flooring. Sports flooring is available in various types of PVC, granular flooring and tatami flooring, the most affordable of which is tatami sports flooring.

Sports tatami flooring is available in 100 x 100 or 200 x 200 cm and 20 to 50 mm thick. Of course, the higher the thickness and the size of the tatami, the higher the cost for the customer. That's why the 20mm one-meter tatami has always been the most welcomed and sold. But the important point is, if your target is heavy (judo, taekwondo, and boxing) you must use a 40mm tatami, otherwise the purchased tatami will have no impact.

The most important feature of the sports tatami flooring is the tread on both surfaces which prevents the tatami slip on the ground and the athlete slip on the tatami. On the other hand, if a tatami surface is damaged, you can use the other side.

Tatami Baby Game

The type of child entertainment these days is very important and influential in a child's future. If the child's play is intellectual, it can boost his or her talents and creativity. Therefore, child psychologists decided to design safe brain games for children.


One of these brain teasers is the tatami floor with a pattern of alphabet, numbers, animals, and flowers that help the child understand their surroundings. The thickness of these flooring is mainly 10 mm and their dimensions are 30 by 30 cm. It should be noted that these tatami are not only used for baby play, but can also be used as baby room flooring and kindergarten flooring.

Velvet Tatami Carpet Flooring

In the previous lines it was mentioned that tatami flooring can be used as a substitute for carpet and carpet. But the main drawback to these home tatami is their treadmill which does not convey a good feeling when walking.

Hence, the same tatami flooring is marketed with velvet laminate flooring so that it can be easily used indoors. It should be noted that this type of velvet tatami can not be used in environments that deal with water such as toilets, as in the short term velvet on tatami disappears. The thickness of this type of tatami is similar to the previous tatami 10 mm and its dimensions 30 by 30 cm.

Tatami wood flooring design

Colored tatami floors were not an attractive idea for shops and commercial stands. Tatami flooring designers, using a laminate, were able to turn the same color tatami into a stylish and elegant flooring that not only looks beautiful but is much less expensive than parquet flooring. In addition, due to the elasticity and flexibility of the tatami flooring, they perform better than parquet flooring.

The thickness of these types of flooring varies.

Custom tatami flooring

Tatami flooring can be easily customized to the customer's design and color. The main application of this type of tatami is in the kindergarten floor where each institution has a special design for tatami according to their decoration and environment.

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