Sporting step and its application

Sporting step and its application

Aerobic stepping boards, bodybuilding, pilates and yoga are essential equipment for aerobic exercise and bodybuilding. The egg-laying design on these steppes prevents knee injury during exercise by creating massaging, flexibility and reversibility.
One of the foam products is the specialized Yoga Steppes, which is manufactured with standard 1 x 2 cm 2 cm height and has 2 hand positions, making it easy to transport.

Featuring single-foam sport steppe

Detergent resistant Even acidic and chemical detergents

Color fastness to wash and direct sunlight

Absorption of moisture and transpiration

Completely hygienic and antibacterial

Avoid slipping and jerking during exercise

Light weight and high strength


Suitable for aerobic exercise, bodybuilding, Pilates and yoga

Can be used at home and in sports clubs

What is a Step Board?

Steppe board is a piece of foam used in various sports. This piece of foam creates a barrier between you and the ground, making it a very comfortable exercise and free from any injury or discomfort when practicing yoga.

The main purpose of the Yoga Step Board is to balance your exercise routine by creating a smoother surface even on rough surfaces and helping you maintain a better balance of more powerful exercise and help maintain greater endurance during stretching and balance. In practicing yoga and practicing yoga.

In fact, the purpose of using the Foam Yoga Step Board is to create and maintain balance in different sports.

The Benefits of Steps

Flexibility: All the steps associated with the step make it flexible because it requires a lot of mobility to perform.

Strength: Stepping exercise helps to strengthen the lower trunk muscles, as well as some of the exercises to strengthen the upper body by dumbbells or weights. It is important to choose a weight to be able to complete the number of repetitions, the weight is not too light and heavy weight can cause injury.

Sports: If you are a professional athlete, you can also use the step for cross fitness.

Excitement: In general, steppe exercise is accompanied by music and even dance, which helps to increase the excitement.

There are a variety of exercise equipment for cardiovascular training, but some may be expensive, or they can only be used at home and take up a lot of space. Meanwhile, the aerobic step is a very practical, easy-to-use, portable, inexpensive, and compact device. The same benefits make it a great choice for many people with different conditions.

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